Michele Parrish

I have been studying the art of horsemanship most of my life. My passion for horses started when my dad first put me on a pony at the fair and it took off from there. I have now been riding for 32 years and competing and training for 20 of those years. My primary competition and training background has been in dressage but I have been diligently pursuing higher education in the art of hunter/jumper equitation and performance for the last several years as well. I have studied classical equitation and base my training philosophy from the schools of Dr. Reiner Klimke and Gordon Wright. My current trainers are Gerald and Betsy Pack for hunter/jumper training and Andre Pool for dressage.

Although my wonderful human teachers have guided me forward into the art of horsemanship and equitation, I must acknowledge my most diligent and unfailing teachers of the art of horsemanship and equitation, the horses! I have been striving to more diligently learn the language of “equus” in order to better understand the horses that I work with and “speak” to them in a language that they understand. My studies of the behavioral patterns of horses and how they communicate with each other have led to a much deeper and thorough understanding of the hows and whys of what we do as trainers, riders, and owners of these wonderful animals. It is my desire to bring the language of equus to my human students to teach them how to speak to and train their horses in a way the horses understand. This leads to building a stronger bond of relationship and trust between equine and human that can then be taken in any direction, whether going for a pleasure ride down the trail or into the competition arena.

I am frequently competing in dressage, eventing, and hunter/jumper shows and am happy to coach students in that direction as well. I look forward to talking to you and your equine partner in the near future!


Private lessons/Training ride: 


$45/half hour

*Discount available when 3 or more lessons are booked in the same day

Group lessons (2-3 riders):

$40 per person